About Me

Hey y’all, wassup!! My name is Sydney (if you haven’t already figured that one out already) and this is my blog! I am 14 years old and I’m from the good ‘ol south !! I love anything preppy, pretty, and sparkly, and I consider myself a Taylor Swift (MAJOR) fangirl as well as an (EVEN MORE MAJOR) Jesus follower!! No seriously, I run on coffee and Jesus 🙂 . I also love, love, love playing soccer and spending time with my friends and family!!

Now that you know just a little about me,  I’ll give you the run down on what you will find on each page!


the home page;  this is where you’ll find all of my ootds (outfit of the days) and I will try to post on this at least once a week!

the devos page;  this is where you’ll find me posting some devotions related to real world probs, my favorite bible verses, etc.

the recipes page; this is where you’ll find all of the food that I make!! (hopefully I won’t burn down the kitchen)

the video page;  this is under construction, but I will be posting vlogs on this page at a time TBA!!


I hope y’all all enjoy getting to know me better through articles and pictures!! all of you are so greatly appriciated!!

xx, syd


romans 8:18

“my child the pain you’re feeling, cannot compare to the joy that is coming.”



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