Flannels && fun

So today I thought I’d try out the hipsterish look, and incorporate the fall season into it. I ran to my closet, grabbed a flannel, some sandals, and a top, and put this together.


So this is kind of an awkward picture, but as you can see my shoes are Birkenstock-like sandals. I would say they’re Birkenstocks, but that’d be a lie because I got them from the fabulous Belk. I believe they were 40 dollars, and they have been really good shoes. They are sparkley with gold buckles and a tan sole. They are super great shoes!


My cute flannel came from Tjmaxx and I got it for 18.00 I believe. It is super soft and cozy, and the light red and blue make it go with just about anything!!


Not excacly sure what I am doing in this picture haha, but that’s okay. I got my top from Cato for 8.00 and let me tell you, it is literally my favorite shirt ever. It is light and soft and has cute stitching on the back. Go team for Cato tops. My jeans are also from there, which I just now noticed, and they are really good jeans too. They are really dark and have white stitching on the sides.


My earrings are some faux diamond studs that are actually my moms (she doesn’t trust me with her actual diamonds;)….). My first bracelet is a silver cross bracelet that my dad got me from Lifeway. It is a super cute bangle and I wear it with everything. My second bracelet is my clear Lokai bracelet, which I also wear with everything;).


I hope you have enjoyed this outfit!!! Any questions you have will be answered if you comment!! My video will be up probably on Sunday!! I love yall bunches!!

xoxo and God bless,



On Wednesdays we wear pink

Helloooooo my lovelies!! You wouldn’t understand the horror that I felt when I got on here to check my blog, and I realized that it has been 4 months since I posted. I feel awful and I deeply apologize for my lack of posting. I have been CRAZY busy these four months (studying, tennis, church activities, holidays, birthdays) the list goes on. But I am making it my duty to post AT LEAST once a week now.

Lets to get to the outfit!!

So this isn’t my most fancy look ever, but it is cute and comfy and perfect for popping some color into fall, so I mean why not post it on the blog?? If you happen to follow me on polyvore, (the link is in my ‘about me’ page) you know very well that I got my bean boots in September, and you also know very well that I have a bit of an obsession with them. No joke, I was wearing them when it was 80 degrees outside. If you are considering braving the back-order and getting some, I highly recommend it.

Okay I’ll stop talking. (I really could talk for hours apon hours though) Here’s the outfit!! image

And here you see, my usually camera shy dog, has decided to photo bomb me on the one day that I need her to get out of my photo area. You can also see the disgusting weather that I have had to put up with for the past few days. You can ALSO see a cute little outfit modeled by yours truly. That’s what we are going to discuss.

The top that I am wearing I believe was 40.00 from Jadelynn Brooke, which is a cute little t-shirt company! My best friend got it for me for Christmas last year (thanks Becca!) and I have been in love with it ever since. It says #preppy in seersucker and let me tell you, it goes with almost anything despite the bright colors depicted. It is comfy and cute and snazzy all in 1!!!!


Finally my dog decided that photo shoots were boring and left the area.

My leggings were like 12.00 from Target, and they’re super comfy and simple. They hold up well and yeah leggings aren’t very interesting to discuss. Instead I am going to talk about my jewelry which isn’t very easy to see. So my earrings are just simple yellow dangly earrings that I got from a local boutique for 20.00. They are super cute and match the yellow seersucker! My bracelet is a Lokai from their website, and I love it! It goes with anything and is cute and has a good meaning. When your on top, stay humble. When you down low, stay hopeful. This is a fabulous bracelet made of silicone, mud from the Dead Sea, and water from Mount Everest. I’m sure most all of you have heard of Lokai. I got it for 18.00! Love it!


I got the brown bean boots from Llbean. They were 109.00 and literally totally worth the money. They are comfy and go with ANYTHING!! You can run around in them like tennis shoes, and then clean them and wear them with a more dressy outfit. They look like new after being washed. I hunt in them, play in them, go shopping in them and more. They also act as good rain boots when it’s rainy outside, and keep ya little toes warm. Guys these are a must buy. Get them!!


So this picture looks like I am sniffing a leaf. But I’m not. I promise? Haha.

So my purse is a Michael Kors jet set cross body, and I wear it every where. It is also in my last post, and like I said then, I love the orange border, because it gives it such a pretty color pop.


Thank y’all for taking the time to read this!! I promise I have another outfit on the way!! Have fabulous day!!!!

Xoxo and God bless,