First blog post! Hollaaaa:))

Hey guys! Its Sydney here with her first blog post and she’s still in the confused “what the heck how do I do this phase” so just bear with her.

Okay so, if you haven’t already, go check out my page, ‘About Me’ so you can learn more about, well….me. So I have had a blog before, but I got very angry with it. (Yes, it is very easy to get angry with a blog. Trust me.) Soooo I decided to make a new one, starting ALL over. I fiddled with this blog for a day or two and then finally figured it out. So basically, this blog is going to be more of MY blog. Its going to be a little more about me this year than last year. So, I hope you enjoy and there will be better posts to come!

xoxo, sydney


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