Throwback to Sunday’s Ootd

Okay so, I was head over heels for the outfit that I wore last Sunday to church. Even though I wasn’t wearing heels haha. This dress looks Jcrew to me, but I have NO clue where it came from. I think it might have been a hand-me-down from my fabulous cousin, but I’m not entirely sure. Anyways, its super cute and super comfy (perfect combo right?) and I got multiple compliments on this dress. So I figured I’d post it and see what you guys thought.

Some key points of the outfit:

Nautical Stripes

Arm Candy

Infinity Scarf

Michael Kors crossbody

Sooo enough talk, lets see the outfit!!!


So in love with this Michael Kors crossbody that I got last year for Christmas. I seriously use it EVERYWHERE! I can fit almost anything into it (sneaking candy into movie theaters) with out it being too big or bulgy. The colors in this purse are so cute and unique to me. The orange and brown tie in with fall, but leave room for the colors of summer. It’s also very comfortable on my shoulders. So that’s it. Perfect size, perfect colors, perfect brand. Lets go Michael Kors!!


Three words: Steve Madden Shoes. These flats are so stinking precious! The colors go with anything in my closet, and the sparkle gives my outfits a little pop. The inner part of the sole is cut out, so that really gives it a modern look. I love the triangle tip of them too!! They are perfect year round shoes. My only complaint would be that I get super bad blisters on my heels after wearing them, but hey pretty hurts right?


Okay so we aren’t going to talk about how freakishly weird my calves look in this picture, I promise that they do not look like this on a regular basis haha. ANYWAYS…. Lets talk about this scarf. So cute for fall and winter, and apparently end of summer? It is a beige knitted infinity scarf that is perfect for layering. It is not too thick, and not too thin, and it goes with basically anything. It goes with the dress, which definitely gives the outfit a preppy flair. Go team for this precious scarf that I bought for my birthday!


Last but not least, the arm candy. It is three bracelets that I have had for a while. They did not come in a set, but I think they all coordinate. The small gold one came with a different set, the blue one is my mom’s (thanks madre), and the pearl one came with a Wizard of Oz dress up box that I have had since I was four:). I could have worn my real pearl bracelet, but this one is more sturdy on my arm. As far as the quality of the bracelets go, yay team!

Some last points on this dress,

The sleeves are a bit longer than quarter length but they roll up.

The brand is “Charlotte Rouse”

The blue part is very thin and flowy.

So guys! Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Comment what you think of this outfit below. Any questions about prices or size ranges, can be commented below!!! I will answer! I hope you enjoyed!

xoxo, sydney


First blog post! Hollaaaa:))

Hey guys! Its Sydney here with her first blog post and she’s still in the confused “what the heck how do I do this phase” so just bear with her.

Okay so, if you haven’t already, go check out my page, ‘About Me’ so you can learn more about, well….me. So I have had a blog before, but I got very angry with it. (Yes, it is very easy to get angry with a blog. Trust me.) Soooo I decided to make a new one, starting ALL over. I fiddled with this blog for a day or two and then finally figured it out. So basically, this blog is going to be more of MY blog. Its going to be a little more about me this year than last year. So, I hope you enjoy and there will be better posts to come!

xoxo, sydney